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Founded in 2007, Red Sound Recording Studio is a professional recording studio in Hong Kong that provides production services from music recording, mixing and arranging, TV commercial voice-over recording and editing, to CD projects for musicians and bands.

The control room and tracking floor accurately designed according to current recording studios industry standards. The floating-floor and RFZ (Reflection Free Zone) are built with specific room dimensions and 'staggered wedge' acoustic design concepts. The side walls and ceiling are specifically designed to create a unique tapering of the surface geometry.

Red Sound Recording Studio houses an Avid Carbon HDX DSP-Accelerated system with the industry-standard Pro Tools | Ultimate software and extensive plug-ins. Regardless of the digital trend, we still maintain the traditional analog dynamic processors such as Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor.

Our studio is equipped with dozens of mics made by the major manufacturers such as Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio Technica, Electro-Voice. Peluso, and Shure. The equipment complement currently also includes some finest microphone pre-amps on the planet by Rupert Neve Designers Portico, API 3124+, Pendulum Audio Class-A tube pre, Focusrite and more...

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*All rates are including engineer

Customized packages are available now.


We provide professional voice-talents in:
English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, French...etc


Music Composition
Music Recording

Mixing & Mastering

Music Arranging

Voice-Over Recording

Religion / Choir Recording

Sound Design / SFXMultimedia & Web AudioAutomated Phone SystemCD Booklet DesignAudio Book RecordingWedding Band

CIBS 香港電台網站社區參與廣播服務試驗計劃

Red Sound Recording Studio has been recording and producing for the CIBS programme since the first season in 2013. We are highly experienced in recording interviews and radio dramas. Also, our sound engineers will guide you from pre-production, recording, editing, mixing to the final mastering stage. Please call for details.

CIBS 錄音 Red Sound Recording Studio
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